The ambrosia in every era, loaded with lots of goodness, and consumed by generations not even known is our own traditionally made GHEE. The ancient Ayurveda confirms that the benefits of ghee are tremendous and it is one of the best foods for people of all ages. Apart from consuming it as food or in food items, it is also used in external applications on the body to get relief. Our ancestors and forefathers have made use of ghee without any guilt. Even some renowned nutritionists recommend the use of ghee in daily diet.

We would like to take this opportunity here to let you know that cow’s ghee has maximum benefits and it is very good for health. It aids in strengthening the digestive system if consumed with cow's ghee along with milk. It contains good fat therefore it is good for the heart and increases good cholesterol levels. It boosts immunity and strengthens bones. It acts as a lubricant between the joints that give them a longer life.

One can apply ghee externally on wounds. It may sound strange but it can prevent infection. It has antifungal and antibacterial characteristics. Consumption of cow’s ghee helps in improving eyesight.

Choose the best ghee for your family. Endure them with good health and a healthy life.


Director's Message

Quality is the motto here. The motive of this Gruh Udyog was to empower the locals of Kutch. It is a setup that is owned by a strong-willed lady who came out with a vision to provide the best cow ghee to everyone across the nation.Ms. Chaya Lalan (Jain) believes that every woman has a hidden potential in them. It must be identified and she should use her talent in living a life that will benefit not only her but for society also.

Being a follower of Jainism herself, she believes in honesty, purity, and quality. The principles of Jainism are embedded in her and that is what reciprocates in Jayna Gruh Udyog too. Ms. Chaya is proud to be a Jain.

With profound knowledge, the willingness to do something, and an undying spirit, it is possible to achieve anything and everything in life. One must dare to see a dream and equally have the guts to work on making that dream come true. Jayna Gruh Udyog is an inspiration for every woman who aspires to be on her own. It is an initiative that works to benefit everyone who is a part of it. Making a living, availing profit, and beyond that is imparting happiness; this is what we believe in.

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