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It is an era of modernization. However, at Jayna Gruh Udyog we believe in adhering to the traditional methods. Therefore, the process of milking cows is done in the early morning with positive vibes. We follow all the traditional and hygienic methods to do the process.

  • The obtained milk is left to heat at a very low temperature to ensure that all the natural and necessary content in the milk is well preserved.
  • This hot milk is then allowed to cool down naturally by keeping it aside for a longer period of time.
    Animal Generic Research has said that the A2 cow milk does not contain harmful BMC 7 components. Hence it is best to consume A2 cow milk and its products.
  • Then, the traditional inoculation and churning methods are used to make curd and buttermilk. We do not make use of any chemical or other substances to make the process speedier.
  • The cream (Makhan) that separates out in the entire process of churning is then put in a brass vessel. Cooking in a brass vessel is considered good for health as per our Vedas. Therefore the process of making cow ghee from cream (Makhan) is done in a brass vessel.
  • The entire process is carried keeping in mind the values of traditions of Jainism.

We believe in combining traditional methods with newer technologies so that we can retain natural goodness in our products. Our desi cow ghee is one product with many advantages in it. Our other milk products are too made with the same essence and care to make them available to you in their pure form.